Vic Bullara is the firm's Chief Executive Officer and has 32 years' experience in HR. He was a Principal Consultant and HR Practice Leader for three global consulting firms - Ernst & Young,  DDI and McBer (now owned by Korn Ferry) for 20 yeas. In the 13 years prior to starting World Class HR, he was VP/Director of HR for three high growth companies including a $350 Million publicly traded cmpany. He has coached more than 125 senior leaders, trained more than 3,500 managers and executives, interviewed 7,000 individuals and hired more than 1,500 employees. As a consultant he has implemented "HR best practices" at 22 Fortune 100 firms. 
About Us
Vic leads a team of executive coaches (all ICF credentialed) and HR consultants (each with at least 20 years experience). World Class HR is a metrics driven organization linking deliverables to critical business outcomes. We have documented a return on investment for our clients as high as 9 to 1, that is, for every $1 invested the firm received back $9. 
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​Vic Bullara is a certified Assessment Center Administrator, a DDI Master Trainer and is a Certified Executive Master Coach. He has a degree in Psychology and Organizational Behavior from UCLA, taught HR courses at UCLA and UC Irvine and was a member of the prestigious National Speakers Association. He is a mentor to Executive MBA students at the UC Irvine Mirage (Graduate) School of Business. He is on the Board of Directors of a virtual reality content developer and is an adviser to Fast Start Studios, a business incubator.