Managing Partner, Major U.S. Accounting Firm "I will not make a Partner selection decision without seeing their Winslow Success Profile."

Shiela/SVP - "The Winslow Program helped me to improve my assertiveness and gave me greater self-confidence. The additional Winner's Edge training has left me with very good information which I can continue to use from day to day."

EVP: "As a Winslow participant I have learned about the personality traits which I have that can assist me in working to my personal potential in my job. I have also learned about those that could hold me back from achieving my goals. As a leader I have learned how to communicate more effectively and have acquired those skills which could assist me in motivating my proteges to set and achieve realistic goals for themselves." 

            CEO of Auto dealership: 

Winslow Known by the Companies They Associate With!

Based upon the input of many of the world's top psychologists, Winslow Dynamics is one of the most popular tools used by these same psychologists and executive coaches. Clients are typically medium sized companies but also include such firms as Oracle and BART, and the U.S. Military.  Call now or for a free, strategy call and find out how we can help you make the best possible hiring/promotional decisions.   


Other clients include
  • US Military 
  • Multiple Fortune 500 / 100 global companies including major hotels, restaurants and franchises
  • Major League Baseball for the last 38 years
  • 16 Olympic National Teams (1980 hockey team, featured in the movie "The Miracle")
  • 30 NHL Teams, 13 NFL Teams, 15 NBA Teams and 500+ Colleges


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We have people who apply at our dealership for one position and after we utilize Winslow Profile, we find that while they may not be a good fit for the position in which they applied, they may be the perfect matches for another department. In doing this, our people are operating more within their abilities, keeping them happier and more productive.