Participants access the assessment via an on-line questionnaire that takes less than 60 minutes. Winslow Reports will only be prepared when participants' answers to the Profile are accurate and objectiveThirty percent of all participants who take EVERY personality assessment have invalid results on their first assessment but only the Winslow Dynamics Profile addresses this. Consequently, 3 out of 10 competitive reports are invalid and not worth the paper used to print them. Unlimited Retakes: Our clients are not charged an additional fee when participants with invalid results retake the Profile.

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     Winslow Dynamics Profile

If you need a more comprehensive, competency based assessment we recommend the most thoroughly validated personality assessment available. Winslow Dynamics Profile  is based on 45 years of historical validation across 5 million assessments. It measures the 24 personality characteristics related to career success and personal contentment. This same assessment, with additional components, is a unique development program to enhance the performance of all current employees.