Applicants Control the Interview
Search the internet for job "interviewing tips" and you will find 6.4 million items. Applicants are far better trained these days to interview than the hiring managers and even some human resources professionals. Many of them have been trained by professional "outplacement consultants" when they were last downsized. Soon to graduate college students often spend an entire semester on the subject including many hours of mock interviews that video taped for feedback and improvement.
Tips for Business Owners and Hiring Managers
  • Learn the techniques for staying in control of the interview without making it an interrogation. 
  • Recognize when the applicant has gained control by answering different question than the one you asked.
  • Speed the interview up when needed (perhaps when you are looking for less detail) or slow the interview down when the applicant is not giving enough detail.
  • Pin the applicant down for specifics when they offer general or vague answers.
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