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​National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) convened their "Blue ribbon Committee" of corporate directors to provide insights into where Boards need to be to address the changing times ahead.
their report included 
  • A framework for board engagement in the company’s strategic activities and processes, and for changing the strategic rhythm of the board.
  • What is needed from the board to support continual oversight of strategy development, execution, talent management (development and retention), course correction, and related information and control (monitoring) systems.

​Investors, regulators and activists are demanding change. The shift is from regulatory compliance to value creation. They are asking the "tough questions" about corporate responsibility, business strategy, diversity (thinking not just gender or ethnicity). 
When was the last time you (or your child) brought home an "F?"
We have been measuring board room performance for more than a decade and have found that most boards are failing. The last time we invited evaluators in to a board room, they gave the CEO a score of 32 (out of 100) and the board received a score of 50!  

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