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pale /pāl/ .... adjective

feeble and unimpressive.

"unconvincing rock that came across as a pale imitation of Bruce Springsteen"

synonyms: feeble, weak, insipid, bland, poor, inadequate; 

​You have probably heard of the "Imperial CEO" - the man at the top, ego driven, not interested in new ideas, discussions or challenges to his reign. Many Boards have no time or opportunity to review information (the mountains of statistics presented by management) in advance of meetings, so when it came time for the vote, out came the “rubber stamp” of approval.
Consider all of the challenges boards face that did not exist ten years ago:
  • Big Data - in a study by PwC, 41% of companies surveyed said they did not have the systems or resources to process large volumes of data from multiple sources
  • Cyber-security threats (hackers, identity thefts, employees "misplacing" laptops
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and the impact of activists
  • Organized Crime, foreign corruption, money laundering and related threats

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