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Winslow Assessments Measure:

Interpersonal Traits: How a person functions with others

Organizational Traits: How a person functions with tasks and responsibilities

Dedication Traits: Measures one's commitments

Self-Control Traits: Measures one's emotional maturity

In 90% of the cases, failure is directly attributed to some aspect of human behavior that could have been predicted

The Best Interviewers Have Difficulty
Search for Behavioral Interviewing on the internet and there are more than 700,000 references. There was a time when this approach would easily sort the best performers out from the others. No longer possible. They know all our tricks and we have trained 3,500 hiring managers who are finding it more and more difficult now. Not using a Job Profile to guide the interview is like embarking on a road trip without a map. This same "map" can also guide promotional decisions, coaching, development and succession planning.