Inspired employees think like business owners!

So, how can you tell when you are interviewing them that they are truly inspired, collaborative, engaged and high performers?
You have heard the statistics:
  • 90% of every resume contains fabrications (lies)
  • Education credentials are exaggerated 
  • Accomplishments often belong to someone else
  • Dates of employment are often bogus
  • Title/Responsibilities are inflated
  • They are better at interviewing than any of us!
  • Great at providing hypothetical answers
  • Hiring the wrong person is costly (5X Salary+)

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1) Develop Job Profile (Predictors of Success)

2) Assess Candidates Against Profile

3) Determine Organization/Culture Fit

4) Conduct Behavioral Interviews Against Profile

5) Involve Multiple Interviewers

6) Use Job Simulations

7) Integrate Data and Select Candidate